Hi, I’m Erica.

So, first, a few things to know about me. Well, there’s quite a lot to cover there, but here’s the elevator pitch:

  • I have an incurable, Rory Gilmore-level obsession with books.
  • I love being everywhere at once. In other words, I love traveling. Seriously, I can’t sit still for very long. I like to think of myself as Mary Poppins, floating in from time to time and moving on when the wind changes.
  • I love to write. I’m not exactly on Stephen King’s level, but I can certainly sit for hours tortured by this soul-crushing task and yet, I would still rather be writing more than most other things.

That’s why I created Erica’s Novel Wanderlust, a travel blog that focuses on literary and cultural* travel. Because I’m still in the process of building this life for myself, I can’t be on the road 24/7. So in the meantime, between journeys, I read books. Even more books. I chat about books and the places you should go to read them. I’ll tell stories about the places I’ve been, both around the world and through the pages of a book. Sometimes, I’ll visit places where books were set, or where they were written.

While I travel, I read.

I go to libraries and bookshops in each city I visit.

I write book reviews in local coffee shops.

I research historic, literary or pop cultural tidbits of the towns I visit, and I write about them, too.

No, seriously, that last one though. My kind of travel is geek travel. I travel for books, movies, TV, music, history and culture — and trust me, you will understand the significance behind each of my travel choices. I’m a details girl.

It’s not always easy, but it’s what I love.

A Bit of Background

I’ll start by saying this. I had no idea that a travel blog was in the cards for me just a few years ago. When I was in college, my dream was to get to New York City by any means necessary. I didn’t care what I had to do to get there, just as long as I went.

And reader, I did. For a few glorious years, I experienced the best and the worst of New York living, but overall, it was an absolute dream, even better than what I had expected.


Happy as a clam in NYC, on my rooftop fire escape


But then something happened. After a while, the buildings seemed to bend down and whisper in my ear, “This is not your final stop. Keep going farther.” That “by any means necessary” clause came in the form of a PR firm, one of the best in the world, but I realized after a while that it just wasn’t for me. New York is and always will be my first love. My true love. But I still wasn’t quite satisfied.

So in the fall of 2014, just a few years after I moved to NYC, I packed up my stuff, bought a backpack, and traveled Europe for six weeks. When I came back home, I moved to Dallas, TX to be close to family, but something had changed. I found that I loved traveling alone and even more than that, I was GOOD at it. I could read books and write stories on long train rides. I could actually make a living doing this!

So when I got back home, I really thought about what I wanted in a career. After spending the first half of my 20s in the corporate world, I realized that I wanted more than anything was to be location independent and I wanted a certain level of autonomy in my schedule and my writing topics.

So Erica’s Novel Wanderlust and my life of travel and writing began. If you’re as geeky as I am, I hope you’ll join me along the journey and have some fun reading my crazy stories. You may just learn something new, and gosh darn if that doesn’t make me excited (and uber geeky)!

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*Cultural, in my definition, could mean anything from historical to pop culture. I’m a mixed bag, my friends. 

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